Debt Advice Sessions

What we do

We deliver free, expert advice from fully trained advisers, in person or online. We will help and support you for as long as this takes. Our advice is entirely unbiased and we can help with most of the debt issues of people living in and around Cambridge. Every case is unique, and we aim to help you to reach financial stability:

First contact

When you get in touch with us we will take some basic details from you, asking when and how you would like to meet with us and assigning to you two advisers.

First meeting

For your first meeting, we ask you to bring as much information as you can about your income and outgoings. 

We will go through our Agreement, which sets out what we will do for you and lets you know about our Data Protection and Complaints policies. We will also ask you to sign a Letter of Authorisation, which we can send to the people you owe money to.

Don't be afraid to ask us to explain things again or in a different way, we want to make sure that everything is clear to you and we understand your needs.

We are gathering information about what has happened, the present situation, dealing with anything urgent and beginning to understand your situation.

Further meetings

We will need to have several meetings with you to fully understand your situation, these will be arranged around your availability. The pace of meetings and how often they occur will be decided by your situation and needs.

Once a plan is in place, we will still be there to support you and review your ongoing situation. Our aim is to work with you for as long as you need help and for you to keep in touch with us.

Somethings we talk about are further explained here