Debt Advice Sessions

What happens next?

The process we will take you through is set out below:

Contact Us

When you get in touch we will take some basic details from you. We will ask you whether you prefer a daytime or evening appointment and will then assign advisers to you.

We will contact you to arrange your first meeting.

First Meeting

Two of our advisers will meet with you at our office. For your first meeting, please bring as much information with you as you can about your income and outgoings. Please allow enough time for this first meeting - it may take a couple of hours depending on your needs.

We will give you an Agreement, which sets out what we will do for you and lets you know about our Data Protection and Complaints policy.

If you are happy for us to act on your behalf, we will ask you to sign an authorisation form.

Additional Meetings

Please feel free to ask for additional meetings with us whenever the need arises or if there is a change in circumstances. We will also contact you from time to time to review your case or to ask for further information from you.

Financial Statement

We will work with you to compile a Financial Statement. We will ask you to sign it to confirm that it is accurate.

Liaising with Creditors

With your permission, we will negotiate payments with your creditors. Usually whilst dealing with us, they will no longer contact you directly. We will then set up a re-payment plan that you and they agree to.

Reviewing your case

We continue to review your case throughout and will stay with you for as long as you need us.

Debt Management Plan

A Debt Management Plan (DMP) service simplifies making payments to your creditors, saving you the hassle of separately paying your creditors on different days throughout the month. Best of all, you are not charged for using this service

All you need to you do is set up a standing order sending funds to your Debt Management Plan account. The Debt Management Plan provider then distributes the money to your creditors on an agreed date.

If you wish to set up a Debt Management Plan account, please speak to your advisers.