Code of Conduct

The service offered by MAC to the public follows the principles given here.

See also our General Privacy Notice

We will:

  • offer help to all who may benefit, regardless of their race, religion, colour, gender or disability
  • be free from the influence of any local authority, government department or political party
  • give our services completely free of charge or any other obligation
  • be non-judgmental and give advice regardless of how debts have arisen
  • keep all our dealings with you completely confidential
  • respect your right and ability to make your own decisions
  • have a written complaints procedure
  • make sure that anyone dealing with you does so in writing, and that we quickly and carefully check these documents to see that they are accurate and fair
  • handle all your records in a way which keeps to the Data Protection Act 2018
  • be authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • hold all appropriate insurances

We will not:

  • do anything which we know to be fraudulent or break the law in any way
  • try to recover money owed to you by individuals or companies
  • help you sue anyone for damages
  • give references for you
  • give advice on investment shares (financial advice)
  • give advice on business debts of any kind
  • do anything you ask us to if we feel that it is unwise