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​Please note that laws may only apply to England and Wales, and services may only be listed for England or Cambridge City. This information was updated in September 2017.

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Money-saving websites Independent advice on how to find best deals on credit cards, utilities, phones, insurance and mortgages, and money-off vouchers for a wide range of goods and services Shares tips on where to find current offers and special deals Household items offered for free Freebies, offers and vouchers Recipe ideas for using up leftovers

Money-managing websites: Online calculators to check if you are entitled to any benefits Government information about housing, money, tax, benefits, pensions etc. Court Service’s information on court processes and forms to print out, with guides explaining them 0808 808 4000 Provides general debt advice and a large number of factsheets. Fill out a household budget and Financial Statement to send to your creditors (like the one on this website) A national financial capability charity providing financial education, information and advice; links to StepChange, a national debt advice charity providing free help by phone or online 0800 138 7777 Free and impartial money advice, set up by Government HM Revenue and Customs’ information on income tax, national insurance, self-employment, tax credits, child benefit etc. Department of Work and Pensions’ information on DWP benefits, with links to Jobcentre Plus and the Pensions Service 0800 023 4567 The Financial Ombudsman resolves disputes between individuals and financial organisations and advises how to complain Links to the Illegal Money Lending Team and other services if you may have been approached by a loan shark

Local websites: 01223 457000 Cambridge City Council: General Enquiries and information and support on benefits, council tax and housing 0345 045 5200 Cambridge City Council: Information on services not provided by your local council (e.g. Cambridge City, South Cambs) Free school meals and other education welfare benefits Local partnership information on money, work, getting online, renting and benefits, and directory of local services The New Horizons Project provides one-to-one support to sort out money problems, get online and get closer to finding paid work The Health & Wellbeing Network signposts people to, and provides a directory of, local services Cambridge & District Citizens’ Advice Bureau, provides drop-in and by-appointment sessions at their 66 Devonshire Road (Cambridge, CB1 2BL) office, and outreach sites; the CAB website includes: help in finding a solicitor, consumer complaints, budgeting support for Universal Credit claimants and energy best deals & Local credit unions (Rainbow Saver Anglia & Eastern Savings and Loans) 01223 576535 Cambridge Re-Use – a volunteer based service to help people on benefits or low income to furnish their homes 0800 093 0570 Information on the Assure tariff – discounts of up to 80% to customers on low income – and access to the South Staffordshire Water Charitable Trust for relief from water-debt