Glossary: E


A list of names and addresses of people over 18 in the UK. You are required by law to register to be on the Electoral Roll. You can then vote in elections. The Electoral Roll is checked when you make an application for credit.


Someone who is paid to work for someone else. The person who you work for is your employer.


Stands for employee National Insurance Contributions. This is a form of additional taxation and will be taken off your pay before you get it. You usually need to make contributions before you can claim certain state benefits, such as State Pension when you retire.


An estimate is an educated guess. An electricity or gas company will work out an estimate on the basis of how much electricity or gas you have used at this time of year in the past. Look at the ‘meter readings present’ column on one of your bills. It may have an ‘E’ before the number. This means the figure on this bill is an estimate. There will usually also be some information on the bill telling you whether your bill has been estimated.


Almost all insurance policies have exclusions. These describe events that are not covered by the policy.


Your expenditure is the money you spend. It includes things like:

  • rent/mortgage
  • council tax
  • food
  • water, gas and electricity
  • telephone
  • transport
  • child care
  • TV licence
  • mobile phone
  • catalogue repayments
  • clothes and shoes
  • household items
  • loan/credit card repayments
  • car tax
  • car insurance
  • household insurance
  • alcohol/cigarettes
  • other expenses


On plastic cards - after this date your card cannot be used.