Glossary: D


Your date of birth is the day, month and year you were born. If you are asked to present your date of birth in numbers, always begin with the day, then state the month, then the year. For instance if your date of birth is 5 February 1972, write 05/02/1972.


Money which is taken out of an account is ‘debited from’ that account.


Debit cards can be used to pay for many things without using cash or a cheque. Some are multifunction cards which can also be used in cash machines to take money out of your bank account, and to guarantee cheques. (If you use your card to guarantee a cheque, the person you pay your cheque to knows it will be honoured by the bank.) When you make a payment or withdraw cash with your debit card, the money is taken straight out of your account electronically. You cannot borrow money on a debit card. Useful when paying in shops, shopping by phone or on the internet.


If you are in debt you owe money to someone e.g. a bank.


A person who owes money.


Failed to make payments; or failed to pay off the debt.


To delete is to remove something. On a form, to delete something would mean to put a line through it. Delete as applicable means ‘cross out the things that do not apply to you’.


People who are financially dependent on you for their livelihood. This is usually children who live with you, but it could be elderly relatives or someone you care for.


An amount of money paid by you to make sure you get the goods. You may need to pay a deposit when getting goods on credit.


This means reading carefully to aid understanding. When you are reading for information, you should usually scan the text first. Some texts, such as instructions, need to be read in detail throughout.


An arrangement where you instruct the bank to release money from your account to pay bills and other amounts automatically. The billing company requests the money from the bank directly. You are told in advance in writing how much will be taken and the date it will be taken out of your account.


Money which is taken off the price of something. You may need to collect coupons or vouchers before claiming the discount. Sometimes shops give a discount to their employees.


No longer used.


Full driving licences are issued by the Government when you pass your driving test. Previously, driving licences did not contain a photo, but all new licences are now issued with a photo, to help prevent crime. If you have an old-style licence you can apply to the DVLA to get one in the new format. If your driving licence is lost or stolen, you should report it to the police.